Nanopharma offers material solutions tailored to technological and innovation needs which is based on our extensive knowledge in the field of materials engineering and production of nanofibrous structures. We also offer services in the field of complete characterization of developed materials, including biological testing. Furthermore, we are able to offer services in the field of development, production and testing of the effects of cosmetic products based on nanofibers. This involves development of the original formulation of active ingredients in the nanofibrous layer to the necessary regulations for placing the product on the market.
Characterization of materials
Biological testing
Multi Skin Center Test

INDUSTRY, COSMETICS, MEDICALDevelopment and production of nanofibers

Nanopharma has been specializing in research and development of nanofiber materials for several years

This has resulted in a wide base of manufacturing technologies used that can be combined in various ways to prepare nanofibers, as well as a hefty portfolio of different structures and electrospun materials, which we can produce for our customers upon request or put together individualized structures specifically designed to meet their needs.

  • Electrostatic spinning
  • Needleless electrospinning
  • Coaxial electrospinning
  • AC spinning
  • Centrifugal spinning

INDUSTRY, COSMETICS, MEDICALCharacterization of materials

Nanopharma offers a wide range of characterization methods for polymer solutions and nanofibrous layers.
  • Measurement of properties of solutions
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Measurement of diameter and porosity of nanofibers
  • Measurement of contact angle and surface energy
  • Nanofiber Degradation Tests in Simulated Body Fluids
  • Mechanical testing – ultimate strength, determination of adhesion
  • HPLC analysis


Cell testing is used mainly for cosmetic and healthcare materials. This provides crucial information about the novel material and its cytocompatibility.
  • Cytotoxicity testing of nanofibers/metals, etc.
  • Cell adhesion and proliferation testing
    • Optical microscopy
    • Measurement of metabolic activity of cells
    • Fluorescence microscopy

COSMETICSMulti Skin Center Test

Skin diagnostics

Due to Nanopharma’s growing portfolio in the field of cosmetics, we have expanded our services with professional skin diagnostics which can reliably verify the effectiveness of cosmetic products.

  • Measurement of skin hydration
  • Measurement of skin elasticity
  • Measurement of wrinkles
  • Scalp measurement