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We offer an innovative product based on a new concept which has a controlled release system inspired by drug-delivery systems. This product is sufficiently versatile in application and user-friendly to be used as an alternative to gels, ointments and creams. As part of our research and development services, we offer complete development, production, testing and launch of brand new cosmetic products based on nanofibers according to customer specifications.


NanoMatrix3D products by Nanopharma, a.s. are primarily used for research of differentiation, in vitro expansion and cultivation of cells. NanoMatrix3D is intended for research, developmental and experimental purposes. The materials typically offered to customers are PCL, PLA, PLCG.

NANOMATRIX 3D is the result of experience gathered over six years by Nanopharma material engineers in developing scaffolds for leading Czech and European research centres focusing on cultivating human, animal and plant cells.


NanoMatrix3D is suitable for experiments and trials requiring longer cultivation. Unlike the restricted surface area of smooth polystyrene plastic, NanoMatrix3D products provide cells with greater space for proliferation. Cells cultivated in NanoMatrix3D are exposed to the cultivation medium from the top and the bottom. 3D in vitro cultivation holds great future promise in terms of reducing the number of failed trials.